Method of determination of thermo-flow parameters for steam boiler

  • Jan Taler Cracow University of Technology
  • Bohdan Węglowski
  • Dawid Taler
  • Marcin Trojan
  • Tomasz Sobota
  • Piotr Dzierwa
  • Marcin Pilarczyk
  • Paweł Madejski
  • Daniel Nabagło


The paper presents a method for determining thermo-flow parameters for steam boilers. This method allows one toperform the calculations of the boiler furnace chamber and heat flow rates absorbed by superheater stages. Theseparameters are important for monitoring the performance of the power unit. Knowledge of these parameters makesit possible to determine the degree of furnace chamber slagging. The calculation can be performed in online modeand used in the monitoring of the steam boiler. The presented method allows the steam boiler to be run at highefficiency.


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