Experimental study of CH4 catalytic combustion on various catalysts

  • Aiguo Liu Faculty of Aerospace, Shenyang Aerospace University
  • Bing Wang Faculty of Aerospace, Shenyang Aerospace University
  • Wen Zeng Faculty of Aerospace, Shenyang Aerospace University
  • Lei Chen Faculty of Aerospace, Shenyang Aerospace University


The objective of this paper is to study the reaction performance of methane catalytic combustion on different catalyst and the hydrogen assisted combustion in a monolith honeycomb reactor experimentally. The characteristics of catalytic ignition and reaction with different promoters are investigated for the development of more efficient technology and improvement of precious metal catalyst. This paper presents experimental results on CH4 and H2 assisted catalytic combustion performance of four cordierite-based honeycomb catalyst.  The experimental results show that the catalyst with different promoters show different reaction activities, the needed combustor inlet temperature can be lower as the catalyst temperature can be increased by the heat release due to catalytic hydrogen oxidation at lower temperature, the hydrogen addition ensures light-off of ultra low heat value fuel.


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LIU, Aiguo et al. Experimental study of CH4 catalytic combustion on various catalysts. Journal of Power Technologies, [S.l.], v. 93, n. 3, p. 142--148, aug. 2013. ISSN 2083-4195. Available at: <https://papers.itc.pw.edu.pl/index.php/JPT/article/view/418>. Date accessed: 22 july 2024.
Combustion and Fuel Processing


Catalytic combustion; Cordierite-based honeycomb catalyst; Catalytic ignition

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