Trends and prospects in lead-acid battery developments

  • Piotr Andrzej Ryś Warsaw University of Technology
  • Maciej Siekierski, dr hab. inż. Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, 3 Noakowskiego street, 00-664 Warsaw, Poland
  • Mariusz Kłos, dr hab. inż. Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 75 Nowowiejska street, 00-662 Warsaw, Poland
  • Piotr Moszczyński, mgr inż. Bater Sp.zo.o., Dźwigowa 63, 01-376 Warszawa


In the recent years the interest in lead-acid batteries has resurfaced, amidst the rising need for power storage technologies spanning to not only mobile, but as well, stationary applications. While the lithium-ion batteries remain one of the most common power sources in today’s western world, due to many concerns regarding various shortcomings of the said technology alternatives are often discussed. There is push for adapting lead-acid batteries (as part of the advanced lead acid battery initiative) as replacement for the lithium batteries in the non-western nations, as well as, in the USA reflects, therefore, predominantly to their lower price and reliability in hotter climates. Furthermore – due to the rising needs for uninterrupted power delivery systems, new designs of such are being developed and implement in the western world in hope of meeting the demands of the market. As a result new additives to electrode material, as well as, battery designs have been developed and are currently being considered for inclusion in the modern lead-acid battery construction.

Author Biography

Piotr Andrzej Ryś, Warsaw University of Technology
Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Inogranic Chemistry
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RYŚ, Piotr Andrzej et al. Trends and prospects in lead-acid battery developments. Journal of Power Technologies, [S.l.], v. 104, n. 1, p. 67 -- 85, mar. 2024. ISSN 2083-4195. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 16 june 2024.
Energy Conversion and Storage

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