Design of Dimmable Light Emitting Diode Driver for Low Power Applications


High-brightness light emitting diodes (HB-LED) are used in various applications in preference to conventional light bulbs due tofollowing merits: eco-friendly nature, high luminous efficacy, prolonged life, compactness and low heat dissipation. This workpresents the boost converter fed dimmable light emitting diode where illumination control is required. The proposed work usespulse width modulated (PWM) controlled switch in series with LED load to control the illumination level by adjusting the pulsewidth. The closed loop control is designed in Matlab/Simulink to regulate the load voltage. This paper first illustrates in detailthe basic operation of the converter and dimming control and then provides the simulation results with different illuminationlevels to demonstrate the effectiveness of converter and controller.

Author Biographies

Ramanjaneya reddy U, Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Kalyan Kumar Koppolu, Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


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U, Ramanjaneya reddy; KOPPOLU, Kalyan Kumar. Design of Dimmable Light Emitting Diode Driver for Low Power Applications. Journal of Power Technologies, [S.l.], v. 99, n. 3, p. 204–209, sep. 2019. ISSN 2083-4195. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 14 july 2024.
Power Converters


Light emitting diode, Pulse width modulation, boost converter, closed loop control, illumination

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