Theoretical and Experimental Analysis  of Thermoelectric Power Generation

Adam Ruciński, Artur Rusowicz


This paper deals with thermoelectric technology. Selected new semiconductors with improved figures of merit are presented. Peltier modules are used to generate electric current through temperature difference. The paper indicates applications of thermoelectric modules, as interesting tools for various waste heat recovery. There are zero dimension equations describing the conditions of electric power generation including voltage and current with characteristics of the above parameters. The authors are also interested in the efficiency of electric current generation. The experimental stand, ongoing research and experimental measurements are described. The authors explore the resistance of the receiver placed in the electric circuit with thermoelectric elements. Finally, the experimental results are analyzed and theoretical conclusions made. Voltage generation of about 1.5 to 2.5 V was observed in the range of temperature difference ΔT from 65 to 85K. Measurements were taken from a bismuth telluride thermoelectric couple, which is traditionally used in cooling technology. 


thermoelectric generator, waste heat sources, efficiency, thermoelectrics, renewable heat sources

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