Operation of a conceptual A-USC power unit integrated with CO2 capture installation at part load

Katarzyna Stępczyńska-Drygas, Krzysztof Bochon, Sławomir Dykas, Henryk Łukowicz, W. Wróblewski


Nowadays, the main aim of the development of coal-fired power industry concentrates on improving the efficiency of electricity generation and on reducing the CO2 emission. Modern power systems require from the power units ability to flexible work at part loads with high efficiency. The paper presents the conceptual 900 MWcoal-fired power unit. Unit operates with advanced ultra-supercritical (A-USC) steam parameters 35MPa/700ºC and net efficiency of 49%. Improvement of the efficiency results in significant reduction of CO2 emission. Further reduction of emission requires integration of coal-fired power plants with CO2 capture installation. Newly built power plant offers a possibility of fully optimized integration to reduce the efficiency loss, which is related with post-combustion capture process. The CO2 capture by wet chemical absorption MEA can be characterized with three indicators: the demand for heat, electric power to drive auxiliary equipment and cooling. In order to calculate these indicators the capture process was modeled in Aspen Plus. Calculated indicators for nominal and part load operation were used to model integrated power unit in Ebsilon Professional 10.0. The characteristics of operation of power unit integrated with CO2 capture installation were determined.

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