Self Tuning Filter and Fuzzy logic Control of Shunt Active Power Filter for Eliminates the Current Harmonics Constraints under Unbalanced Source Voltages and Loads Conditions

Ali Chebabhi, Kessal Abdelhalim, Fellah Mohammed Karim Fellah, Amrane Fayssal


Shunt active power filters (SAPFs) are modern filtering technologies for source current harmonic elimination and source
reactive power compensation of nonlinear loads. In the case of normally balanced source voltages, the SAPFs are controlled
to eliminate a wide range of source current harmonics and compensate the source reactive power generated by non-linear
loads to provide source current functions with maximum power factor. However, if source voltages are unbalanced and/or
distorted, these control objectives cannot be achieved, which impacts the SAPFs performances. In the present paper, we
propose a new modification to extend the stable dynamic range and to enhance the transient response of a classical phase
locked loop (CPLL). An enhanced phase locked loop (EPLL) based on a self tuning filter (STF) and fuzzy logic control
(FLC) associated with SRF theory are used in four leg shunt active power filter control under unbalanced source voltages
and nonlinear loads. The aim is to enable the SAPFs to reach a higher compensation level of reactive power and current
harmonics for all cases of source voltages and nonlinear loads for the limits specified in IEEE Std. 519. The success,
robustness, and effectiveness of proposed control circuits are demonstrated through simulation, using Sim Power Systems
and S-Function of MATLAB/SIMULINK.


Four-leg Shunt Active Power Filter (4LSAPF); Enhanced Phase Locked Loop (EPLL); Self Tuning Filter (STF); Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC); Harmonics; Reactive power.

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