SRF gasification in GazEla pilot fixed bed gas generator for CHP units

Aleksander Sobolewski, Tomasz Iluk, Mateusz Szul


The article presents issues associated with the use of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) as a fuel for gasification technology.
Advantages of the SRF for gasification are summarized. The novel design of the gas generator, developed at the Institute for
Chemical Processing of Coal is introduced. Physiochemical properties of the SRF fuel used for gasification are presented.
The influence of the main process parameters on gas composition is explained. The results of wet gas cleaning equipment,
consisting of an expander, high-temperature filter, oil scrubber and fabric filter are presented. The article presents the results
of the reduction of particulate and organic matter at the outlet of the gas cleaning system. Finally, the tests of syngas utilization
in a dual fuel piston gas engine are described.


SRF, gasification, gas purification, cogeneratotin

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