Recovery and energy use of flue gas from a coal power plant

Piotr Szulc, Tomasz Tietze


The paper presents a technology for heat recovery from flue gas generated in power units of coal-fired power plants. The
technology for heat recovery from flue gas is based on bringing the water vapor contained in flue gas to condensation.
A thorough analysis was performed of the potential of recovering heat from gas formed through the combustion of coal and
lignite. The results were confirmed experimentally at the laboratory scale and in a pilot-scale real facility. The test results were
used in the formulation of conclusions and guidelines that will provide valuable insight to the design of a heat recovery system.
The analysis and tests performed demonstrated that the recovery of waste heat from flue gas through the condensation of
water vapor is justified only if the flue gas contains a lot of moisture, e.g. flue gas formed through the combustion of lignite.


flue gas, heat recovery, waste heat, power plant unit

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