Analysis and Design of Photovoltaic Pumping System based on Nonlinear Speed Controller

Fouad Zebiri, Abdelhalim Kessal, Lazhar Rahmani, Ali Chebabhi


This paper presents an analysis by which the dynamic performances of a permanent magnet brushless DC (PMBLDC)
motor is controlled through a hysteresis current loop and an outer speed loop with different controllers. The
dynamics of the photovoltaic pumping drive system with sliding mode speed controllers are presented. The proposed
structure is comprised of a photovoltaic generator associated to a DC-DC converter controlled by fuzzy logic
to ensure maximum power point tracking. The PWM signals are generated by the interaction of the motor speed
closed-loop system and the current hysteresis. The motor reference current is compared with the motor speed
feedback signal. The considered model has been implemented in the Matlab /Simpower environment. The results
show the effectiveness of the proposed method in increasing the performance of the water pumping system.


Photovoltaic, Permanent magnet brushless DC (PMBLDC) motor, MPPT, Speed control, Fuzzy, Sliding Mode

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