(0006) Study on Application of Fisher Information for Power System Fault Detection

shuping cai


It is quite crucial to accurately detect power system fault for isolating fault equipments and resuming normal operation after the faults occurs. People have used varieties of the electric parameters as metric to identify various faults for a long time. This method, however, proposed by this paper, is different from the traditional one by introducing Fisher information (FI) as a measure of the stability of electric signals and a criterion for making fault decisions. In this way, a non-dimensional positive parameter is used as the single criterion to solve fault detection for power distribution networks. Firstly, we simplified the formula of Fisher information, and then give a practical method for calculating values of the FI. We demonstrate to apply the FI to measure the stability of the electric signals. Finally, we combine the FI with wavelet analysis to propose a novel technique for phase selection of a power distribution network with grounding short-circuit fault, namely the wavelet-based Fisher information (WFI). Simulation studies have been carried out to show the feasibility of the proposed method.

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