Analysis of the combustion products of biogas produced from organic municipal waste

Monika Kuźnia, Wojciech Jerzak, Paulina Łyko, Jakub Sikora


Urban areas produce large amounts of organic waste, among others at eateries and residential locations. Methane
fermentation can be used to turn these wastes into a valuable substrate for biogas production. Malopolska region
(Poland), in 2010, produced 547,796 Mg of biodegradable waste. The estimated volume of biogas from this amount of
waste is 62,449,000 m3. The composition of biogas produced from the fermentation of the municipal waste is about
45 vol% CH4, 35 vol% CO2 and other gases (H2O, O2, N2). This paper presents the results of modeling the kinetics
of the biogas combustion process. For this purpose the program Chemked II was used, implementing the combustion
mechanism created by the Gas Research Institute called the GRI-Mech version 3.0. The software enables thorough
analysis of 325 reactions. Concentrations of CO, CO2, NO, N2 and O2 in flue gases were calculated.

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