Development of a measurement and reconstruction system for determining the phase distribution in a two-phase flow vertical tube using Electrical Impedance Tomography

Michal Jan Gatkowski, Thomas Buchner, Grzegorz Niewiński, Piotr Mazgaj


This paper is based on experience gained during six-month work on Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) in Areva NP test facility in Erlangen. EIT is an imaging method in which electrical current is injected through electrodes into a volume of interest and the obtained potential distribution is measured at surface electrodes. By means of these measurements an image of the electrical conductivity/resistivity can be reconstructed in the volume of interests using numerical techniques. The reconstruction is difficult because the mathematical problem is ill-posed and non-linear what implicates high computational intensiveness. The aim of this work was to build an EIT system capable of providing fairly accurate image of resistivity field in vertical pipe with two-phase flow. The described system will be used to analyse two-phase flow in Integral Test Facility PKL.


Electrical Impedance Tomography; two-phase flow; phase distribution measurement; nuclear I&C

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