Matching of a Gas Turbine and an Upgraded Supercritical Steam Turbine in Off-Design Operation

Wojciech Kosman


The results of the research presented in this paper refer to an upgrade of a power generating unit with a supercritical
steam turbine of a moderate live steam temperature. The upgrade project involves replacing the high pressure part with
a turbine driven by a high live steam temperature and adding a gas turbine. The aim of the upgrade is to increase
power generation eciency. The specific problem analyzed in the paper corresponds to the matching between the
gas and steam turbine especially in o-design conditions. The analysis is based on the numerical modeling of the
thermodynamic cycles. Various conditions of the operation were simulated. The results obtained enable eciency to be
assessed in the analyzed variants.


supercritical steam turbine, gas turbine, modernization, combined cycle

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