Dynamic Analysis of a Tension Leg Platform for Offshore Wind Turbines

Wang Hai Feng, Fan You Hua, Liu Yang


The design for floating offshore wind turbine tension leg platform (FOWT-TLP) is economic,feasible and less platform motion comparing other floating structure, especially in deep water.In this paper,introducing spar floating structure advantage into tension leg platform to propose a conceptualization floating offshore wind turbine tension leg platform (HIT-FOWT-TLP). Concrete ballast model is arranged in the bottom of the spoke bottom plane to be as permanent ballast and much water ballast can be considered in single column, which can adjust gravity center by water freely to obtain dynamic feature that we needsand easy to assemble comparing other concepts;spokepart are considered in dimension and mass. The new model is only 49% of NREL-TLP model’s displacement, in mass it is only 27% of NREL-TLP model. We compare the hydrodynamic characteristic parameters and the RAO value in same environmental situation with NREL-TLP model.The result shows that in roll, sway and pitch motion, the new model has better performance.

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