Numerical modeling of the CO2 desorption process coupled with phase transformation and heat transfer in a CCS installation

Paweł Niegodajew, Dariusz Asendrych, Stanisław Drobniak, Witold Elsner


The paper concerns the research aimed at developing the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of amine based carbon dioxide capture process in post combustion capture (PCC) technology. Numerical model of absorber column (being the first stage of PCC cycle) including complex hydrodynamics, heat transfer and absorption reaction with the use of monoethanolamine (MEA) has already been developed and described in detail in [1, 2]. This paper focuses on the second stage of PCC cycle i.e. desorber (stripper) column. Eulerian multiphase model was adopted to resolve two-phase countercurrent gas-liquid flow in porous region with desorption reaction, multiphase heat transfer and evaporation/condensation phenomena. The preliminary calculations were performed on simplified geometry of stripper column in order to reduce the computational time required. Results have shown a physically correct behaviour, proving its relevance and its usefulness to practical applications.


Keywords: Post combustion, CCS, desorption, stripper, MEA, CFD

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