MOX and UOX Fuel Melt Margin for European Pressurized Reactor

Patryk Oskar Stręciwilk, Piotr Darnowski, Adam Dominiak, Roman Domański


Safety of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) is the most important issue during its design and maintenance. Crucial area is nuclear isle where irradiated elements occur. During severe accidents in nuclear reactor core very dangerous is possibility of fuel melt which can lead to release of enormous amounts of radioactive elements. Nowadays Uranium Oxide fuels (UOX) as well as Mixed Oxides fuels (MOX) is under consideration for operating existing and planned NPPs. In this paper prepared Thermal-Hydraulics (TH) model and reliable thermal conductivity of UOX and MOX fuels relations are used for the margin to melt for UOX and MOX fuels calculations. This evaluation is performed for European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) geometry and thermophysical parameters.


fuel melt, nuclear fuel, thermal-hydraulics model

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