A visualization system for oil spills IN Qinzhou Bay based on Google Earth

Yuan Dong, Zhong Xie, Baoqing Hu, Yuanlin Huang, Shilun Zhang


This paper mainly aims to solve the visualization problem of oil spill. Combined with conditions on the ground of target research area Qinzhou Bay, important access to the sea for southwest China, the paper propose a model to construct the visualization system of oil spill, which relatively reveals as many as impact factors of oil spill and also is suitable for this region. The rich image resources of satellite remote sensing Google Earth is selected as the client during constructing the system. It combines Oracle which is suitable for storing large amounts of data as a backend database. This paper solves data exchange and data storage of KML between the Google Earth and Oracle by connecting them, which realizes the visualization of oil spill system inQinzhouBay.

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