Ali Moawad Marzouk, Abdalla S Hanafi


Gas turbine power plants are widely used for power generation in the world, it has low cost, low time of installation, and stable with electricity grid variations. But it is very affected by ambient temperature, in hot days power demand is increased while gas turbine power decrease with percent 18% when ambient temperature increase to 40°C because air density is lower and compressor specific work increases. Inlet cooling methods used to cool inlet air to boost the power loss in hot days. Chiller cooling and evaporative cooling is studied thermally and economically  for 264 MW gas turbine plant located at Korymat – South of Egypt, the results indicates that the gas turbine annual power gained by cooling by chiller is 117027 MWh, and the net cash flow is 3787537 $, while the gas turbine annual power gained by cooling by evaporative is 86118 MW , and the net cash flow is 4503548 $.


Gas turbine, Inlet cooling, Power enhancement

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