Calculation of a 900 MW conceptual 700/720ºC coal-fired power unit with an auxiliary extraction-backpressure turbine

Katarzyna Stępczyńska, Łukasz Kowalczyk, Sławomir Dykas, Witold Elsner


This paper presents the calculations for different configurations of a 900 MW power unit for advanced 700/720°C ultra-supercritical steam parameters with a single and double steam reheat. The use of such high parameters, especially the reheated steam temperature, involves thermodynamic and material problems related to high temperature differences in the feed water heaters. In relation to this, a concept of the modification of the feed water heaters system by using an auxiliary extraction-backpressure turbine fed with steam from the cold reheat steam line is presented. The steam from the bleeds and the turbine outlet is directed to regenerative heaters fed in the classical system from the intermediate pressure turbine, which reduces the temperature differences in these exchangers and simplifies the main turbine IP part structure.

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