A Comparative Assessment of Hysteresis and Dead Beat Controllers for Performances of Three Phase Shunt Active Power Filtering

Bidyadhar Subudhi, Rakhee Panigrahi, Prafulla Panda


This paper presents the performance evaluation of two control techniques namely Dead Beat Control (DBC) and Hysteresis Band Control (HBC) for designing a three phase Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF). The choice and implementation of the current controllers are important for the achievement of a satisfactory filtering performance. Although these techniques have been applied to design SAPF for a single phase distorted power system, but in this paper we extend them to a three phase SAPF. In order to test the effectiveness of these two controllers, extensive simulations were conducted using MATLAB. The obtained results show the superiority of the hysteresis current controller over the dead beat controller in terms of exhibiting fast transient response and computational simplicity.

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