Hybrid fuzzy sliding mode control of a doubly-fed induction generator speed in wind turbines

Abdelfettah Kerboua, Mohamed Abid


The aim of this paper is hybrid fuzzy sliding mode control of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) in the form
of a wind turbine. This type of control is introduced to avoid the major disadvantage of variable structure systems,
namely the chattering phenomenon. Variable structure ensures the high dynamic of convergence and robustness towards
parametric variations and disturbances. Fuzzy control is introduced here in order to remove residual vibrations in high
frequencies. That approach is used to control the mechanical speed and the reactive power exchanged between the stator
circuit and the grid. Those variables are decoupled through vector control. The feasibility of this work is proven by
mathematical and simulation models based on MATLAB.


Sliding Mode, Fuzzy Logic, DFIG, Rotor speed Control, Robustness, Hybrid control

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