“CANDU® 6 Nuclear Power Plant and nuclear energy self-sufficiency based on Cernavoda NPP in Romania”

Jerzy Parkitny, Mircea Gheorghe


The CANDU®6 nuclear power reactor design has been in commercial operation since the 1980’s and is currently in operation in several countries, including Canada, Argentina, South Korea, China and Romania.


CANDU technology which is necessary for the design, construction licensing and operation of a nuclear power plant has been and can be efficiently transferred to a recipient country through a technology transfer program. This paper presents the key factors in the transfer of CANDU nuclear technology and provides an overview of AECL experience based on technology transfer to Romania for the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant project.


The focus of this paper, apart from a brief overview of the CANDU design, is to demonstrate how the selection of the CANDU technology can benefit a host country, using the Cernavoda nuclear power plant (NPP) in Romania as an example.  Similar benefits, in terms of economic development and nuclear energy self-sufficiency, have also been achieved by other countries that have selected the CANDU reactor technology and can also be achieved by any new customer.

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S. Doerer, Reactivity characteristics in the safety and design of LWR and CANDU reactors [Wybrane projektowe awarie reaktywno´sciowe w reaktorach LWR i CANDU], Advances in Nuclear Technology [Post ˛epy Techniki J ˛adrowej] 53 (4) (2010) 9–22.


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