Performance analysis of gas turbine air heat recovery unit using GateCycle software

Marcin Kowalski, Krzysztof Badyda


The following article concerns results of analysis of gas turbine (GT) with air heat recovery turbine unit (AHRTU) using General Electric GateCycle software. The analysis were conducted for five different variants of air heat recovery turbine units: simple AHRTU, with air cooling by one intercooler, with air cooling by two intercoolers, with variable humidity before the compressor, with water injection into the compressor. Each variant was tested for four different air temperatures before air turbine (ATBAT): 573K, 673K, 773K, and 873K. For each air temperature before air turbine computations were run for increasing compression ratio (CR): from 3 to 6,5 for variants 1 and 4 and from 3 to 12 for other. The results were shown as graphs of specific power (SP) of air heat recovery turbine unit versus compression ratio in air heat recovery turbine unit.


air heat recovery turbine unit , Brayton - Brayton cycle, GateCycle software

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