Ways of enhancing operational efficiency at power and CHP plants

Wojciech Bujalski, Konrad Świrski, Janusz Lewandowski


Establishment of an energy market and therefore the emergence of competition that forces to decrease the variable costs of energy generation along with emission limits, particularly concerning CO2emissions, have caused that an enhancement of generation efficiency is one of the most effective ways of improving the financial results of a company. With currently installed machinery that has certain construction parameters, the increase of efficiency might be achieved by a proper load distribution among generation units, as well as, due to possibly rapid detection of elements whose technical condition may be the cause of efficiency drop. In both cases comprehensive knowledge about current attributes of devices is necessary. The article presents possible methods that may increase the generation efficiency for already exploited units


power engineering, TKE, PCA, process control

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K. Swirski, J. Lewandowski, W. Jakuczyn, Metoda kontroli eksploatacji, problemy stosowania, propozycje modyfikacji (The method of operation control, problems of enforcement, modification proposals), Przegl ˛ad Energetyczny 41 (1) (2006)


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