Paweł Skowroński


The aim of an energy system in an industrial enterprise is to deliver at a defined place and time, defined amounts of energy carrier of defined form and quality for technological purposes and for the auxiliary departments of the enterprise. The reasons for which the energy system should be modernized are the inability to satisfy the energy needs of the enterprise or its surrounding, the possibility of reducing the costs of the energy carrier delivery, or the externally defined conditions of the operating system (i.e. emission limits). In elaborating a concept for the modernisation of an industrial system one should outline the present and foreseen demand for energy, the present technical condition of the system and applied mode of the system operation, assume the probable development of the situation, and if no important changes in the system are made, define the probable limitations of the system development (such as emission limits, fuel deficit, and others), choose the criterion of valuation, define a set of possible variants of the system modernization, consider these variants and choose the best one. These stages of the study are discussed in this paper. The study is based on information which is given with some probability or is incomplete. Especially difficult is data collection for the elaboration of energy demand prognosis and the parameters of the criterion function, if the function is a financial one. To estimate the criterion value for particular variants of the system modernization one should simulate the operation of the modernized system for different conditions of the system load. Computations are done with the use of specialized numerical software. The ways in which typical system loads are chosen and the reliability of the system which is taken into account can, however, be unobvious and should be the topic of future research.

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