Modelling of thermal and flow processes in a solar waste-water sludge dryer with supplementary heat supply from external sources.

Piotr Krawczyk, Krzysztof Badyda


This article presents the continuation of the research on a model of solar waste-water sludge drying processes. The primary premises for that model were described in [1], [2].
This paper presents results of simulation of a drying process powered by solar radiation energy supplemented with external heat delivered to the dried matter through the IR heating lamp installation and floor heating system. The modelling results were used to discuss the impact of individual heat delivery systems on the primary performance parameters of the drying facility (primarily its efficiency) as well as on operation of the ventilation system and sludge shuffling installation. Appropriate shuffling frequency has a significant impact on both the efficiency of the facility and its electricity consumption.
Another analyzed parameter was effectiveness of supplementary heat usage, both for IR lamp system and floor heating system.


waste-water sludge drying, CFD, solar drying, heat exchange, mass exchange.

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