Robust Optimal Dispatch of Power Systems with Wind Farm

Jinhua Zhang, Bo Gu, Hang Meng, Chentao Fu, Xueling Zhu


With the rapid development of new energy power generation, large-scale wind power generation has been integrated into
power grids. However, the fluctuation and discontinuity of wind power have introduced challenges to the safe and reliable
operation of power systems. Therefore, constructing a reasonable dispatching method considering the uncertainty of wind
power output has become an important topic. This study aims to establish a reasonable power system dispatching optimization
method considering the uncertainty of wind power output. Hence, an ellipsoidal robust set of wind power output
was initially constructed in accordance with the predicted value and predicted error of wind power. Second, a power system
optimization dispatch model of automatic generation control (AGC) was established on the basis of the robust set. This model
aimed to minimize the cost of power generation and maximize the use of wind power according to the following constraint
conditions: power system power balance, upper and lower limit of wind and thermal power unit outputs, climbing power, and
spinning reserve. Finally, the internal point method was employed to solve the example. Results show that on the premise
of safe operation, the total operating cost of the robust optimization dispatch method is decreased by 8.64% compared with
that of the traditional dispatch method, and the economic efficiency is improved. The robust optimal dispatch considers the
uncertainty of wind power output, and load shedding scene seldom occurs, thereby enhancing the operational reliability. This
study can improve the reliability and economics of power system operation and provide a basis for optimization dispatch of
power systems.

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