Shunt Active Power Filter Employing Robust Extended Complex Kalman Filter based Linear Quadratic Regulator Control Strategy for Power Quality Enhancement

Rajesh Kumar Patjoshi, Rakhee Panigrahi


In this paper, a new reference current generation method is proposed for effective harmonics mitigation and reactive power compensation of three-phase shunt active power filter (SAPF) under grid perturbations. The proposed reference technique is specified as a self-regulator of dc-capacitor voltage. In operation, the proposed algorithm estimates the source reference current rapidly and adaptively through power system disruptions arising at source as well as load sides. The proposed technique employs the Robust Extended Complex Kalman filter (RECKF) algorithm to generate reference current, which confirms in phase action of SAPF with the functional power system, without being reliant upon any phase-locked loop (PLL) elements or proportional integral (PI) controller loop. As a consequence, an economical SAPF system can be designed.
Moreover, a Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) is formulated using RECKF methodology for delivering stability and robustness in the SAPF system.
The design model and efficacy of the proposed algorithm are fully studied and assessed in a laboratory prototype employing dSPACE1104 to justify feasibility. The encouraging outcomes obtained experimentally demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed approach under both steady and dynamic conditions of the power system.


Shunt active power filter, Robust extended complex Kalman filter, Linear quadratic regulator, grid perturbations.

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