Voltage Mode Control DCM HSD-CIB PFC Converter for HB-LED Lighting Applications

Ramanjaneya Reddy Udumula, Narasimharaju B. L., Asif Md


High-brightness light emitting diodes (HB-LEDs) are gaining immense attention from the angle of both residential and industrial
applications, owing to their advanced futures of longevity, compact size, high efficacy and eco-friendly nature. To meet
advanced future requirements, the LED driver should be robust and efficient. In addition, for HB-LED lighting applications, an
ac-dc LED driver demands high-step-down conversion ratio, less source current harmonics, high power factor (PF) and to be
cost effective. This work proposes a high-step-down coupled inductor-buck (HSD-CIB) based power factor correction (PFC)
converter operating in discontinuous current mode (DCM) to attain high PF with low source current harmonics. Moreover,
the proposed HSD-CIB can overcome the demerit of the existing single-stage ac-dc buck PFC converter in terms of highvoltage/
current switching stress, gate-driver complexity, low conversion gain and low efficiency. This paper presents the
detailed design and analysis of the proposed HSD-CIB PFC converter for an LED lighting system. A closed loop voltage
mode control (VMC) is designed and implemented to study the line regulations of HSD-CIB converter at various loading
conditions. The analysis of the proposed HSD-CIB topology is carried out using Matlab/Simulink simulation and validated
experimentally with a prototype of 16 W.


Coupled Inductor, Light Emitting Diode, Power factor correction, voltage mode control, voltage regulation, discontinuous current mode, power factor

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