High Step-Up DC–DC Converter based on Coupled-Inductor and With Leakage Inductor Recycling Feature

Mohamad Reza Banaei, Haleh jahangiria


In this paper a non-isolated single switch high step up DC-DC converter based on coupled inductor is presented. The
proposed converter can achieve high voltage gain without extreme duty ratios. The energy of leakage-inductor can be recycled
efficiently to the load. This feature improves the efficiency of energy conversion. The steady state analysis, voltage and current
stress of the active components, continues, boundary and discontinues current mode operations (CCM), (BCM) and (DCM)
of this converter respectively, are discussed in this paper. A conversion of 20 V input to 300 V output in CCM operation
under 150 W output power prototype circuit is implemented to verify functionality of the proposed converter. Depending on
applications, the proposed converter can deliver suitable voltage to the DC link of a micro-grid inverter in PV panels usage.


Coupled-inductor, High step up converter, Single switch, dc-dc converter

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