Comparison of the Brayton–Brayton Cycle with the Brayton-Diesel Cycle

Mateusz Mostowy, Łukasz Szabłowski


This article is a comparative analysis of two systems: Brayton–Brayton and Brayton-Diesel. These two systems were both compared with a simple cycle of a gas turbine as a benchmark. The paper compares and contrasts the various advantages and disadvantages of the systems. The comparison with the simple cycle was made possible by having the same mass flow of air at the inlet of the gas turbine compressor for all analyzed cases (in the case of the Brayton–Brayton system—at the inlet of the compressor of the first gas turbine).

Compared to the simple cycle, the Brayton–Brayton cycle has greater power and the Brayton-Diesel less. In terms of efficiency both systems outperformed the simple cycle, with the Brayton-Diesel system achieving slightly better results than the Brayton-Brayton.


Gas turbine; Brayton-Brayton; Brayton-Diesel

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