Comparative analysis of time constants in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell processes – selection of key processes for modeling power systems

Jarosław Milewski, Janusz Lewandowski


The article presents a comparative analysis of the time constants of the main processes in the
SOFC. The analysis was used to determine those processes most relevant to the modeling of an
energy system comprising a fuel cell. The hybrid system, in addition to the fuel cell, has other
devices (such as compressors, turbines, heat exchangers, etc.) working with it that may limit
permissible ranges of parameter changes during transient processes. On the other hand, fuel cells
aect other devices making up the system, including by restricting their operation in terms of
dynamic responses.
Determination of time constants of the main processes in the cell and their analysis and comparison
with time constants of other devices will allow selection of the most important processes
from modeling point of vies and simplify the dynamic fuel cell model, so the class of fuel cell will
match classes of models of other system elements.


dynamic modeling, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

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