Gas fired plant modeling for monitoring and optimization of electricity and heat production

Paweł Madejski, Piotr Żymełka, Robert Węzik, Henryk Kubiczek


There has been a marked increase in recent years in the use of gas fired systems characterized by high efficiency and the ability to quickly adapt to changing demand for electricity and heat. To optimize operations for gas fired systems in light of changing demand and changing electricity prices the production process must be planned and monitored with appropriate tools. This paper presents the concept of a tool for monitoring and optimizing heat and electricity production in a gas fired plant. The basic element of the tool is a comprehensive mathematical model of the gas fired plant, verified based on results from on-site tests. The mathematical model is used to perform calculations for defined input data of ambient conditions and heat demand, to determine current heat and electricity production. The paper presents simulation results in the form of changes in the amount of electricity and heat produced during a day, with the aim being to monitor the conditions of the plant and prepare a reliable production plan.


Gas fired plant; thermodynamic modeling; optimization; gas turbine; heat demand

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