Thermal-FSI modeling of flow and heat transfer in a heat exchanger based on minichanels

Sebastian Kornet, Paweł Ziółkowski, Paweł Jóźwik, Piotr Józef Ziółkowski, Michał Stajnke, Janusz Badur


In this paper selected numerical modelling problems for an advanced thermal-FSI ("Fluid Solid Interaction") mini-channel heat exchanger model are presented. Special attention is given to the heat transfer between the separated mediums for different mass flows. Similar modelling problems have also been discussed in the literature dedicated to numerical and theoretical modelling problems for typical heat exchangers [1, 2, 3]. Basic tests, including a comparison with experimental data, have been conducted using a Mini-channel Plate Heat Exchanger (MPHE). The MPHE was made out of two gasketed brazed plates with 40 mm long rectangular cross section channels (width—1 mm, depth—700μm).The thermal-FSI analysis was applied for the heat exchanger model with one hot and one cold water flow passage through the mini-channels. Satisfactory agreement between the modelling results and the experimental data [4] was obtained.


CFD modelling; Mini-channel; Heat exchanger; Heat transfer; Thermal-FSI

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