The performance of a steam-gas power unit of a velox-type cycle

Krystian Smołka, Sławomir Dykas


For many years, the Institute of Power Engineering and Turbomachinery of the Silesian University of Technology has been using a Velox-type small-capacity gas-steam power unit for teaching and research purposes. The Velox-type gas-steam cycle is characterized by a much higher ratio of power obtained from the steam turbine and the gas turbine, respectively, compared to classical gas-steam cycles which are now in use worldwide. This paper presents a thermodynamic analysis of the Veloxtype gas-steam cycle as a small capacity combined heat and power plant (CHP). The systems are modelled in the EBSILON Professional. The advantages and drawbacks of the Velox-type cycle compared to the classical one are presented.


Velox; gas-steam cycle; CHP; HRSG

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