Hybridization of photovoltaics with pumped storage hydroelectricity. An approach to increase RES penetration and achieve grid benefits. Application in the island of Cyprus

Pavlos Tsamaslis, George Karagiorgis, Athanasios Katsanevakis


The penetration of renewable energy resources in small isolated grids can be significantly enhanced by introducing energy
storage facilities into the system. This work presents the application of pumped storage in an autonomous island with intense
solar irradiation but low wind resources. The proposed system hybridizes photovoltaics with pumped hydroelectric energy
storage. Taking into account all significant electrical grid and power stations operating parameters, a customizable smart algorithm
was developed to simulate the effects of various scenarios of PV-hydro hybrid power plants applied in the autonomous
grid of Cyprus. The tools developed can be applied in any other case where hybridization of pumped storage and PVs can
be used. This novel approach provides significant benefits for both the penetration of renewables and the stabilization of the
autonomous grid, offering numerous technical and commercial benefits to power system operators and stakeholders.

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