Gas turbine selection for hot windbox repowering on 200 MW fossil fuel power plant

Artur Harutyunyan, Krzysztof Badyda, Marcin Wołowicz, Jarosław Milewski


This paper focuses on and discusses the concept of hot windbox repowering in an existing steam cycle power plant. Using
commercial software, for that process based on the fraction of oxygen in exhaust gases, nine different models of gas turbines
were tested in power plant model with a fossil fuel boiler. Then thermodynamic analysis of the power plant model before and
after hot windbox repowering was conducted. This work seeks to select the best fit gas turbine for hot windbox repowering for
a 200 MW fossil fuel power plant and to gain a deeper understanding of the effect of hot windbox repowering. To this end nine
models of gas turbines with different net electrical power (from 50 to 125 MW) were tested and General Electric production GE
Energy Oil&Gas MS9001E SC (GTW 2009) 123 MW gas turbine was selected as the most suitable for the model of the power
plant and, after repowering, the total power of the power plant rose to 398 MW. Calculations were performed in 2 stages:
1) calculation and comparison of the thermodynamic parameters as well as carbon dioxide emissions of power plant model
before and after repowering with nine different gas turbines, 2) calculation of thermodynamic parameters of the combined
cycle power plant model before and after repowering in values 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% of fossil fuel boiler heat loads.


fossil boiler, hot windbox repowering, combined cycle power plant, CO2 emissions, GateCycleTM.

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